Best 3 Running Watches in 2015

Running and cardio training is vital for any bodybuilder, so in this article we are going to focus on running watches. This is because the popularity of them is just going through the roof at the moment. The ability to plan your route and then track all the data just from a watch is incredible so it’s no wonder why they are selling by the thousands.

Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Watch

running watchThis Garmin running watch is one the most popular in the range. As it is made by Garmin is has superb GPS functionality and is great for planning routes. It uses the Garmin Connect feature so is easy to store and transfer all the data to your phone or computer too. It is not one of the cheapest and will cost a few hundred dollars. But it’s well worth the price due to all the features it has.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

Fitbit watches are booming in sales and popularity too. Their range of fitness trackers is now leading the way in that market and they have moved into running watches too with this model. It does a great job of mapping out routes and includes the activity tracking features too, which makes it dual purpose. It’s great for running but also just to track your daily activity.

Polar M400 GPS Watch

If running is your thing then this watch is a real must have. It is GPS enabled but also has a built in heart rate monitor that Polar are famous for creating. This means you can instantly see what your rate is and know if you need to push harder or hold back and keep in your zone. It’s quite a small watch and looks very stylish on the wrist. The white color really makes it stand out.

These are 3 of the most popular running watches you can buy right now. There are many others available on Amazon and other online marketplaces. We recommend you do your research and look at all the reviews of the watches. Some might look appealing but customers will tell you whether they actually work as advertised. So take 30 minutes to look through the feedback before pushing the buy it now button.

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